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Step 01

Fill out the Contact Form below.

The purpose of this Discovery Form is for me to get a brief introduction to you, your relationship, and details about your wedding day. Fill out as much of it as you know so that I'm well-prepared for our meeting and can answer all your questions. 

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Step 02

We'll call you!

Our Founder and Lead Videographer, Natalie, will call you at a preferred day/time to meet you and go over desired details for the wedding, packages, and pricing. Come ready with any questions or ideas to discuss. 

Step 03

The Customized Proposal/Agreement consists of a breakdown of all video services offered, as well as the fine details of doing business with Cake For Breakfast Media. If you are happy with it, you can sign the Agreement portion, pay your deposit, and be on the books.

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We'll send you a Customized Proposal

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Discovery Form

Thank you! We'll reach out to you soon!

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